Dash Particles for my game

Hey, Sans here. So, I made a dash for my game. Now, it has particles as well, so it has a bit more juice to the mechanic. You an also reset your dash with some reset dash things, (idk) but I want it to change from blue to red if you dash again after the first one. My first idea was using a number to track your dashes, and send messages to the particle to change the color, then reset after touching the ground, but I got confused my so many wires that I got overwhelmed. I could probably do it, because my idea was good, and the idea to make it was good, I just was breaking my head on it. Please help me. I want it to change from blue to red, and back to blue when you touch the ground. Link Unavailable


You can kinda see my idea with the “Break chain” and “Chain” Messages, but it just kinda failed


Nevermind, I got it working, I will post it on my post “Ask me anything”