date check

in my game, I want it so when i press the enter button on screen, it will check the month and day you entered in and see if that date is today. how do i do that? I think it will make more sense if you see my game.

I think you would use the calendar block for that.

i know, i just can’t think of a way to use it

i already have saves that will have the date. i just don’t know how to connect them correctly

so the calender outputs the number value of the whatever is displed on the calender if its the seventh it output 7 from the day output

using filters with this knowlege you can make live events


your welcome

a quick question: how do you make a not output the first time


I made it so once, it puts a zero into the label so it can’t be seen. But it will also send a output that triggers a restart game and timer that is supposed to happen if after showing the label.

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 2.52.49 PM

and i don’t want the once to trigger the timer and next level

what do you want to trigger the timer and next levle?

actually, i got it done, i just moved the timer so it activated before and made the delay longer.

thanks anyways