dead weight II (my newest game)

hello! this is a game I’ve been working on a lot recently:
It’s a zombie themed action/platformer/exploration game, and kind of a sequel to a game I made a while ago.

in the rules of the flowlab forums it says not to make multiple discussions about the same game, so I’ll try to keep all of my things I need help with, updates, and feedback here.

this game actually started as a game where I would test out random ideas, but It quickly turned into a full game project. (auto-tiling, headshot collisions, wall slides, etc.)

also WARNING: this game has some blood effects and stuff so if you get quesy from that type of stuff than maybe wait to play until I add the option to turn it off.

*** really important
** pretty important
*not very important

new things:
campfires (checkpoints)
auto tiler has better art
more cool dust effects
a cutscene

**I want the player to be able to collect stickers from around the levels to decorate their base with, but when I drag and drop the stickers, sometimes they show up underneath the mouse cursor. also the position of the stickers is supposed to save, but now they just dont show up when you place them.

*I want the brain tokens to go to the icon when collected but the object didn’t seem to register the UI layer moving. -\(;;)_/-

I hope you enjoy the game.
I also hope you like the little shrugging guy above this I spent a long time on that.
sorry for the wall of text.


@glithctyrus awesome that you think It’s cool

would anybody know what the problem is with the stickers?
sorry if I’m bothering anyone.
@meburningslime @glithctyrus @“The Kodex”
@“JR 01” @TinkerSmith

@F3Art I would recommend tagging @“JR 01” and @TinkerSmith , this is more up there street…

First thanks for the tag, had a quick look and eo maybe try to name everything first so I know where to go. For example, I had no idea where the stickers were. :slight_smile: I am going to give a more detailed look into it tomorrow.

oh sorry @“The Kodex” I usually have the stickers i the “base” level, but they aren’t there right now. I’ll try to name a few more things. I’m trying to keep the important things in this game pretty organized.

btw what do you think of the game so far?

The Stickers disappear because the Mouse coordinates are off in the game world (@“grazer”) and act like there +500 Y pixels down. It actually worked the first time I did it, but its always 500+Y after reloading that level.

vlcsnap-2020-07-02-21h14m35s305 (2)

Another way to do this is to use "Use Screen Coordinates" instead and add it with the camera position. (It would be easier to use global variables IF another object (other stickers) needs the MouseMove positions):

Get Camera location:

Add it to the MouseMove in the sticker:

ALSO, I notice you used an object to tell what level your in. This was an old method of mine until Grazer added the "get" to the NextLevel behavior, so you could do this instead without making that object, or add this to the player instead of messageing.

Old method:

Use “Get” to save objects:

And nice game so far, I would recommend saving resources to make it less laggy but still a good game.

thanks @“JR 01” I’ll try these.
It’s great to hear the game is nice (:
and what do you mean by saving recources?

@“JR 01” the stickers still do the same thing. am I doing something wrong?

Hmm, its doing EXACTLY the same thing…
My way and the way you had it before should both work, but since they’re having the same issue, there must be a bug going on.

The only thing that seems to help is to NOT destroy the sticker objects.
I’ll look more into it and see if this problem will be fixed.

Update: It’s a bug between the MouseMove and the Camera

@“JR 01” I’ve actually had bugs between mousemove and camera in another game. some places the weapons just didn’t aim right.

new enemy so far:

I made a cutscene