Deathly song demo

become the reaper!
reap souls!
demo coming soon!
post your ideas here!
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Here’s a poem I wrote for some inspiration. Don’t use it in your game, it’s just to get the ideas flowing.

He sits on a throne of lies
He wears a crown of death
He dons rings wrought from tears
He sleeps in a bed of terror
He lives in a palace of ruin
He sings to the song of grieving
He drinks from a goblet of bone
He walks on an ocean of blood
He weaves a vile web
He is a master puppeteer.

He is a common king.

woh inever new you were a poet!

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i’ll put that in the credits!!!

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He said DONT use it in your game.


In the CREDITS I said!
Its great and more peepole should be able to see it!

That’s still IN THE GAME, just get permission first, i’m sure @CodeAlpaca will be able to give you a straight answer.

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I mean, you could put their username in the special thanks or inspired by, but I wouldn’t put the actual poem in there without permission.

I mean it’s fine if you put it into the game, but I would like to get credit for it because I really like that poem.

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I know I want to show it in my credits I’ll give you credit for it though! I just thought it would be cool to show it to even more peepole!

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