Debug Question -- Grazer

Hey @grazer, I’ve noticed (from the discord server), that you’ve added an update for the debug version. Could you list all the new debugged features, I already forgot and am unavailable to discord at the moment. If you don’t want everyone knowing, you could just DM me through the forum.

The only one I remember you added (I’ve already tried it, it’s pretty sick), is the zoom feature on the camera behaviour.

~ Quotes from Grazer on the Flowjam discord:

"This version is called The Procrastination Update
the updates are mostly crap that should have been done a looong time ago
such as:

  • Background behaviors
  • Zoom camera in and out
  • Music between levels (use “keep between levels”)
  • Running your game from the behavior window works differently:
    now if you open the editor from an object, it only displays the execution of that object
    if you open the editor from the library, it displays the execution of all objects* (same as now)
    there is also a small indicator to show you which you are seeing"

" also - the extractor can get the object’s id now [User]
some bg fixes as well, in particular a nasty memory leak when you spawn objects every frame
some minor shader issues fixed (fullscreen and back)
that’s the major stuff
a lot of it still isn’t tested all that thoroughly yet
so I expect some bugs may show up with the background behaviors, or maybe the new music
oh - one more: some folks were having trouble uploading large music files. That is fixed in this update as well
and by “some folks” I mean [User]
but maybe others, who knows


He already mentioned it in the discord if you scrolled up…


Yeah, I’ve read them in the discord… I said I forgot and am unavailable to discord at the moment.

Alrighty, thanks!

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