Delete Bundles?

I made a message bundle in one game, and it appears in all my games. Any way to set those to only show up in one game?
This is useful for me when making Shifter, because I can test logic in a separate test game without worrying about breaking the main game, and copy code in bundles, but besides that, excess bundles show no purpose in all my games. A hide bundle tick would be nice.

Dont Click “add to menu” (i guess its how its called)

Well yeah, I get that now. I needed to add to menu to copy it. I didn’t expect adding it to menu would be permanent and in every game.

A few bundle tips (I need to make a video, since these are getting complicated):

  1. You don;t have to add the bundle to your menu to make copies, although that can be convenient. Another way to copy is to select it using the select tool (bottom left, next to the zoom buttons) and copy it that way. Now when you click on the behavior area there is a “Paste” option in the wheel menu that pops up.

  2. If you added a bundle to your menu and you no longer want it there, click and hold it for a few seconds and a “Delete” option will pop up.

The idea I had behind “Add to Menu” is that you can add common / useful behaviors that you want to use between games, stuff like high score logic or item collection or whatever. That way you don;t have to copy/paste them between games.

Oh, nice. Yeah, I knew none of that. I was wondering what paste was good for. So I can copy and paste between games?

Actually, does copying bundles translate to text? I saw a text insert box. Can we copy behavior chunks and paste them here in the forums?

Paste code here

Then we can share each other’s bundles, and paste code chunks for people that have questions that are too common. That would be faster than explaining how to do something.

Yes that’s exactly how it works. When you copy behaviors they are converted to text, and can be copied into the forum. The “Import” text box will convert the text back to behaviors again. Here’s the announcement/description:

That’s awesome. I completely missed that update. That will make bug testing easier, if someone explains an issue and can isolate the problem to a new game, to see if it still happens.