Deletion of Objects

I keep deleting an object that glitches my game because it won’t let me place blocks, so in order to do so, I have to delete all of it, but when I come back to the editor, it comes back again and I have to delete it repeatedly. Can someone please tell me why that’s happening?

Post a link to your game, and which object is causing you trouble

(This is a collaboration with my two friends) Use the arrow keys; it shows the greyish-white block in the level that has lava. I didn’t place it there, so it interferes my game world blocks by itself. It’s called smooth block.


@cindy542 Just go to the library, select the object and click on “DELETE ALL” and donezo

If that doesn’t seem to work @cindy542 , you just might have to refresh it, since this has also happened to me before as well.

To fix this, once you are sone editing, just click “My Games” instead of Refresh, as refresh sometimes doesn’t save stuff.

Hasn’t happened to me yet @meburningslime , but thanks for the heads up! Never know where it could happen, and I didn’t know it could, so thanks!

I’ve recently found this too yesterday, it only happened once though.
After deleting the object, it doesn’t appear in the library but the spot was in still gives a blue highlight and clicking or dragging brings the object back. It’s still not in the library but now the settings on the object doesn’t have a delete option anymore. I quickly fix the problem by reloading the page.