Depth to top down games

I am trying to make my grass (and other future things) have depth but stick to a top down style, i have tried to search for a video for maybe a list of the 2d perspectives to get an idea and aswell as to add depth to said things. I am having trouble making a (little under) top down game because i have stuck to side on, but i am starting to try different camera angles (or perspectives/views) to hopefully make a more in depth game, also, does anyone know how to make a sprite have a SPECIFIC hitbox? by that i mean like it being to sprites tall but the hitbox is only one block? if anybody has any ideas, please tell me. also sorry for the eye sore of a first level i just need to make an adapting tile set and we will be fine. if it helps, the game is supposed to be like stardew valley type game.

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To do that you can have the hitbox drawn as the original sprite and have animations play as the animations don’t change the hitbox.

Or just have an invisible block be a hitbox and have the original object have collisions off.


thank you so much, i needed to know that so certain things would be taller than the sprite behind it than actually be that tall (the hitbox)

No problem

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Um dude I already said that


Oof. I didn’t see that sorry

It’s okay :+1:

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