Destoyer not working?

for some reason the destroyer does not destroy the blocks it is coded into. I have it connected to a timer, and there are 5 blocks it needs to destroy.

Could you show the game?

sure, how would i do that

Just copy the link in the browser, and paste it.

the issue resides in the corn lookin boi

its a bio progect btw

It works for me?

  1. carrot flys in
  2. mouth crunch (working on timing)
  3. bits apear
  4. pause
  5. dissopear
  6. new ones appear

There is no code in the chunks.
Make it so that when it receives chomp, then it deletes itself

there is its for some reason moved to the right

Make it so that instead of the destroy (in the chunk), make it send a message to all spawned objects. When this message is received, it will destroy the chunks.