Destroyer the Video Game

I have made a game based off of my comics. The comics are about a character named Destroyer on a war against evil robots. The game closely follows the comics.
The site is a site for my projects.

Nice work! I really like the way you added comic cutscenes. I couldn’t beat the jailbreak level though.

Could you post the flowlab link? I would like to see how you did certain things. Good work though.

Yeah, I could make comics for my website! Thanks for the idea!

They are fun to make.

I think you should work on it more, maybe make some better sprites, and the comic, well, you should work on that too. No offense, btw.

LOL! I watched the clay animation. Slender at the end was funny. I didn’t expect it.

While I agree my comics kinda suck (a lot :D) I think the simple sprites give the game a certain feel to it which I like.


Thanks super. The only reason they suck to me is because I have such hi expectations in my mind but it doesn’t come out right on paper. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, comics CANT be perfect!

mumbles except for superman, batman, and spiderman. mumbles