Dev-team for a multiplayer game

Advanced in flowlab coding (it’s supposed to be an extremely polished game)
Understanding of what their role will do
A way that we are able to all contact each other (preferably discord)

I really don’t care the size of the dev-team, I just want to work on a project with some other people so that I can enjoy building something with other people. (I have only one game in which I generally work with someone on and it’s with my irl close-friend)

We’ll need:

An artist who can create good sprites and smooth animations, as well as being good with cooperating and creating characters. (this person won’t have to code if they don’t want to more they will get rid of the hassle of doing good art and smooth animations)

People who are good with flowlab code. (able to understand most behaviours [yes, lists] and sort code so we can all edit it together and it won’t be a mess)

edit: you do not need indie


I could be the artist! I mostly do pixel art and i’d say my animations are fairly good! Here’s one of my early works
I can definitely say that I’ve improved!
I can also do some traditional art if that is needed


Hmmm Is it ok for me to help. I don’t know the flowlab code but I’m still learning. I just studied better animation at college so I think I could do this


Are you able to provide me with some examples of your works?

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And also how much artist do you need Galactian

I dont have any drawings or animations in my files at the moment new computer but I can show Just give me a second

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i can also make tilesets and backgrounds

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i can also help out a teensy tiny bit on code since, while i don’t have the most experience i can still make some more complex stuff

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Its been almost ! hour but I think I will start with the basic( mines)
So how do i make a gif again?

I’m holding off on multiplayer until a few things are added.
Mostly needing Multiplayer IDs and fixing shared numbers.


(thats a sprite i made)

I’m too busy to be on a team, but any questions about lists or other things I’d be happy to help with. Also like JR said multiplayer is kinda bugged rn because the share behavior doesn’t work properly

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You had me until Text Lists

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Don’t forget number lists

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Yo can I join pls? Taile Gamougg Emerald Warrior is an example of my art and code. I believe you’ve seen it already?

Hm Very sussy You sure

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Hm This will be a big multiplayer game. I hope it comes out soon I wish to play this game.

where did you get the idea that this will be a big game? to my knowledge we haven’t really started on the game

Well just look what um the red guy said. Galactian