Dev. Teammate needed for art

I need someone to help me with art for my game, I’ll add you to my dev team if you want to be on it.

@meburningslime @glowbug @Blackhole_1001 or others, please reply.

Sorry, I won’t be able to help all too much as I’m already working on a few games. I can always provide feed back or some small amounts of support but I can’t promise to do much.

Alright, thanks for replying!

I’m not the best with sprites, but If you have anything else, I can help!

alrighty, thanks for letting me know!

I’m honored that I’m mentioned, I might be able to help after TWHFs.

Alright, btw can’t wait for that to come out.

Thanks! Some info might come out today.

Alrighty! Keep me updated!

It already has lol, some at least.

Ok sure

Blackhole 1001 agreed to do it

I can help with art and music

@Blackhole_1001 and @edwardi, do you think you both could help? The more the merrier

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Yeah i’ve been practicing my art but it takes a long time to finnish

Okay. I’ll wait for @edwardi’s reply

I got the best artist in the world for my game


kinda off topic but how does this look
New Piskel-1.png (9)
@meburningslime @Yorkie2323

Is that a TIE fighter that just ran through cranberry juice?!?!