Dialogue tree bundle

It’s clumsy and limited to max three options per question, but it works.
Open the “HUMAN READABLE” part to replace dialogue text with your own.

Each branch can have less than three options. A blank entry will make that button option fade a bit.
Reset takes you back to the start.


Here’s a more code-elegant way with exactly two options at a time, designed by CodeAlpaca:

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And an unfinished more elaborate one based on the above:

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I’ve considered another approach entirely, where you make one question and answer set, and then destroy that item once a button is clicked and spawn an entirely new one in its place based on which button was clicked.

Basically trying to recreate, with a bundle, an advanced “Alert” block which would allow for more than one button.

Not sure if that would just end up a mess though.

Got other ideas? Let me know. I like my game characters to have personalities, so I like them to be able to talk.

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