Diamondsion Assault Alpha vs Beta

I’d like to see who prefers what.

DA Alpha v1.0

This is a Mario/Megaman type game, with a Sonic element in it.
It is based completely around jumping and shooting, but you can spin.

DA Beta v0.2

This is an HD revamp of the Alpha, now centered around speed, timing,
shooting, and fighting, depending on where you are in the level.
Currently, I have only created the Running, Ramps, and Rings, so that you may
get used to the highspeed gameplay. The final product will consist of both
Health and Rage bars, for each time you have to restart a checkpoint.
There will be no lives, but there will also be no delay on teleport respawns.
I will later add a Metal Slug element into the gameplay, where certain areas
require you to fight enemies to progress, rather than run past them.
You will also collect Psi Shot upgrades, if @grazer can help me put a Metroid
gun aiming system into the game engine. I tried several ideas, with none good.

Tell me which would make a better iPhone game.

For me the newer DA Beta v0.2 would make for a more playable iPhone game, I definitely prefer it. I’m not sure how you’re going to deal with the control issues you will have regarding swipes and taps to control the players actions.

I’ll have a touchpad. Up down left right, and 4 buttons, all in the bottom corners. Maybe I’ll find a use for shake.

Good luck with this project. I’m not so sure on the logo in the background, maybe it’s temporary?

The second idea is best as it is fast enough enjoy for a while but to be honest both seem very broken. I have noticed that most games are platformers and the player always gets stuck on the walls and can ninja jump up.

Good work though, how long have you been working on them?

@muddyapples The logo I just added in because I’m still working on everything piece by piece. I’m about to add a new single sprite. So overtime, the player sprites will be changed.
@DopeteK They were concept ideas, barely worked on. I made the Alpha in about 26 hours over the course of 2 weeks, and I made the new HD Beta in about an hour and a half.
The engine grazer has causes objects to grind with heavy friction, or no friction at all. I personally like the friction for wall kicking. I’m planning on adding sprites for when you’re up against a wall.

Sounds good and the friction works when there is a move to go with it. :slight_smile: Not bad for such little time.

I added a new test level on the New DA. I need to add and change a lot of graphics still, I know, and I will get to that, but it’s the concept idea I want to show. When I get all the main graphics finished, add diamond shards and enemies, it will look great. The background is what will really bring it out.

Just step on the Lv. 2 button to try the new map. (It’s only a small chunk though.)