Different spawn points depending on doors

Hello! I am new to Flowlab and have a question that I could not find an answer to within the forums.

Is there a way for the player to spawn in a different position on the level depending on how how they left the previous level?

I have created a test here: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/1051433

When Chell goes through the Red door from level 1, I want her to appear near the Red door in level two. If she leaves through the Blue door, I want her to appear near the Blue door on level 2. I thought this could maybe be accomplished through Message/Mailbox dictating the spawn position in level 2, but it wasn’t working how I imagined.

Essentially: Collision = Chell/Red Door = Go to Level 2 + Message -> Mailbox receives message on Level 2 and dictates spawn x,y.

Additionally is there a way to change the camera range between levels? Say level 1 is 12x16, but level 2 is 12x32. I figured out a work around for this (just block the player from traveling past solid objects) but was wondering if there’s a way to dictate the camera range between levels.