Dinosaurs Really Are Extinct. — The End is Only the Beginning

Hey there, fellow flowlabbers.

I have an announcement to make! It’s may be sad to some, but I’m happy about it…

I’m no longer DinoDev, and I’ve changed my username/internet alias to 00T — as a way to commemorate the best video game of all the time (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) and to represent my love for computers (in my own way heh) — “Comp00Ter” — my new pfp is a wizard hat, because in Godot and on GitHub I’m actually known as “Compooter Wzrd” (Wzrd as in Wizard)

I’ve decided to do this for a lot of reasons:

  • DinoDev never fit. I don’t even have a fond liking for dinosaurs…
  • DinoDev felt like a placeholder
  • DinoDev isn’t unique to me

This will take everyone a while to get used to, and I know a lot of people probably hate when people do this kind of stuff, so I’m extremely sorry and I do feel bad about it… but I just want to do what I feel comfortable with :slight_smile:

So, you can all refer to me as “00T,” “Oh-oh-Tee,” “oot,” or “Wizardoot”

Thanks everyone, have a great rest of your evening :star2:


Seeing this made my mind immediately think of this song.


This is the biggest shock of my whole life. Even bigger than my gaping mouth at the end of Power Rangers Dino Fury season 2 when it was revealed that Amelia is Rafkonian. I am literally shaking right now, no joke. This information of yours basically means that my whole life is a lie. What am I even doing now? This would be like hihilogic coming out and saying he wasn’t actually logical. I’m scared. Why?

Congrats on the name change, by the way.