Do NOT Purchase Anything here, Its Not Worth it

to Bounce back here multiple times, I Always Seem To Keep finding the same thing that bounces me back out, BUGS. I’ve Bought Indie Developer countless of Times and it disappoints me every time to see there are still bugs that Keep you from doing ANYTHING. I’ve Had a bug That removes message behaviors Purpose because it DOES NOT WORK. Message is a KEY VARIABLE in Order to Create a DESCENT Game. Get A REAL Engine if you want to Actually Create a game, plus Some Like Unity doesn’t even have a block Limit. Too Hard? Bam Easy Too Learn Tutorial That I look Back to All the Time. Just Simple Movement. There are better “Engines” (You Can’t Even Call THIS a Engine) With far Better Tutorials. Fix The Bugs or You’ll Have people Leaving fast, this Time I’m leaving. Sorry for the long Rant.

@“Mushroom Productions” So I see where your coming from about bugs, but you have to learn to work around them. Grazer (the creator) works very hard to fix bugs and add new stuff. I also don’t know what you mean by the message not working, it works for me. Try using the Html 5 version (If you don’t know how, go to my games and go under the game you want to work on and click html5) I also took a look at some of your games and it didn’t look like you knew how to use the engine fully. I’ve been here for close to a year and I’ve learned a ton including how to go around bugs. I am not trying to be rude or offensive in any why I just think you should give flowlab another chance.

Flowlab works fine and I have a well made game on Google Play using Flowlab.
(link to the game and the app store page below)

If you have issues then make a post in the forum with the game link, some of us are dedicated on fixing problem and finding bugs. Most of which is helping users that doesn’t fully understanding how Flowlab works.

Another thing is if it was a bug that was fixed later on can still affect older games but that is rarely the case. Trying to fix it yourself without showing everyone it’s a real bug AND THEN saying the engine is useless seems like your not even trying. If it is a real bug, then other people would be affected. I have never heard of a bug that only removes messages for no reason unless it’s on the user end which I’m sure Grazer could help with. If you post the game link, I would look at it myself.

If you want to see what this website can do with it’s memberships, then take a look at the front page or my games, one of which is now on the Google Play store.

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@“Mushroom Productions” , I haven’t bought anything, but not because of bugs.

Sometimes things don’t work, but each time, and I mean EVERY time, it gets fixed, at least for me. If I were you, I’d stick around for a bit.

And this is an “engine” for more of beginners, like me, but it yet still can get complex with things that I don’t even know (for FlowLab, I already don’t know too much). I’m not sure what you mean for your messaging issues, as my latest game, A-Box, uses a decent amount of them throughout the game, and everything works pretty decently.

If you could post a link for your game and address the issue more thoroughly, then maybe @grazer can take a look at it, which he can help you out with it. And if it is a bug, then he could fix it.

Hey @“Mushroom Productions”, thanks for trying out Flowlab, and I’m sorry that it didn’t meet your expectations. I’ve refunded your payments since it sounds like you weren’t getting the value you expected.

I agree that Unity is a really good 3D engine, and while It’s not well suited for every project, I hope that it works out well for your games.

@grazer @rcreger @“JR 01” @“Johnny boy” I was just very angry about a bug that stopped my game from working, so I made this post. Although I dislike That There are many bugs, I shouldn’t have gone off saying that its terrible, because its A WEBSITE GAME MAKER, Thats Insane how grazer is able to code that! Although my main focus in Game Design would be Unity I will still always come back to this place if I ever want to create a 2d game! Because is pretty good at That!

Hey dude, its cool.

Have fun!