Do you guys wish you could 3d render sprites?

3d models, then, scan the model then is translated into a 2d sprite

Somebody made a 3D model thing, I think it might’ve been The_Brickccentric

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What if you tried to remake “Super Mario 64”?

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If you did do it, it would run REALLY slow. Flowlab was obviously made to be a 2D engine. Just use unity. The closest to 1st Person 3D in Flowlab in my opinion is Yoann’s 3rd 3D Engine.


Also I think translating 3D models into 2D is just drawing them in a 2D manner.

just imagine flowlab updated to making 3d games? it would be 2 things, 2d and 3d

Honestly I can’t imagine it. There’s a reason most 3D engines are made to be downloaded.

Minecraft in 3d but using flowlab is WAY too impossible

But it is possible

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Btw here’s Yoann’s 3rd 3D Engine.


I tried Unity Flow Coding and then just switched back to normal code because it was super super slow.

You can use Blockbench to do this.

Additionally, this thing on Steam might be similar to what you’re looking for:
Smack Studio on Steam (

There’s bricks actual obj object render.