Do you have a different hobby besides games?

I just figured I’d open up an OffTopic topic, probably the first one on here. One thing I love to do besides make and play games is drawing and animation. I hate using computers to draw, I will never ever be able to successfully draw with a Wacom bamboo or a mouse. I’ll spend hours on hours making something that just doesn’t look as good as I intended. The opposite with pixel art. Now Spriting is something I can do. I can make video game art no problem. Same thing with hand drawings. I can draw anywhere between comics to photorealism. I mainly draw people, not so much anything else. I don’t really have an imagination for landscape, but character building, skies and cities are more my style. I just finished drawing a frame for a manga I’ve been wanting to make. I’ve never drawn anime or manga before, so it’s really different for me, but I thought it would be good practice for drawing imagery for cutscenes in my games. (Btw, there’s a squirrel in that tree, and she wants to pet it.)

my hobby is… i don’t like pretty much anything… minus virtual stuff… that and things that look cool