Do you like the Clamber ability in my games?

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Here is what the ability looks like. In other words, it’s the ability to climb walls.



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Ok sorry everyone and rezarg, the link is fixed now.

I don’t think this is much of an ability its more like an unintentional bug that you left in your game.

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Why does everyone think this is a bug? It is a maneuverability and traversal feature.


I mean Serenity uses the basic movement bundle, but idk it fits more. I think because it’s purely a platformer compared to your game, which is a mix of different elements. Also, Serenity is a rage game(?) so its controls should be strange, but be completely controllable. And while using the basic movement bundle seems lazy it’s a core mechanic in Serenity, and it’s just an extra thing in your game.


Serenity was made for April Fools Day, so duh, yes a rage game.


Glad I’m edging toward using different movement bundles then.


Personally, this is what I recommend. All of these options will make your game look much cleaner!

Option #1: Animate it. If you make a really neat animation for wall climbing, nobody will complain about that!

Option #2: remove it. If it ain’t fun, don’t make it. You could instead add some puzzles or parkour elements that could really flesh out your game and bring it up.

Option #3: Make a power-up. This way, wall climbing can feel like a reward rather than a bug. If you find this power, you could skip some of the tedious parkour or puzzles otherwise blocking your path, or maybe simply just finding unique and creative alternatives to solve them!

The reason why I think my game works with wall sticking is because, since there is little combat and the majority of the game is puzzle solving or parkour, wall sticking is actually a unique way to move around, and allows the opportunity for innumerable puzzle designs.