does any body have some images of some falling leafs pixalated please send them frame by frame

idk how to

I guess you have to be a little bit more specific about what you need @dotboxx

Falling pixelated what?

I think he means falling pixalated “if you do please send them frame by frame”

oh I’m sorry I meant leafs I’m really sorry

@TinkerSmith sorry. im looking for falling leafs

Didnt it already say something about leafs in the title or is everyone take that unordered sentence too seriously.

Oops sorry, didnt know that he edited title. Lol



Dr.Google shows quite a variety:

Have a pick and if needed we can help you to get them into Flowlab :slight_smile:

@TinkerSmith is there any way i can get a gif in flowlab

@TinkerSmith ?


Hi @dotboxx

You have to convert it. One way of doing it is to use something like:

Create a new image, import the GIF file you have and then export it either as a spritesheet, or as a ZIP file (the zip file would then contain all the single frames).

If you are happy with a spritesheet there is also:
And then you would have to use this one afterwards to split it:

As said, if you do it in piskelapp you can do it all in one :slight_smile:
Found a GIF you like?