Does Anybody know how to make a multiplayer screen????

I need some help with screens.I am making a game with 2 players, and am wondering if I can code a camera or something that allows the player to allways see both players.

I mean the person playing the game to be able to see both of their guys/characters.

well you can only give one player the camera because grazer a long time ago(from what I was told) broke the ability to make split screen

Like is there maybe a may like on super mario bros how it says between both charater, and neither of them can leave the screen unless they are falling?

oh so like the camera zooms out and you are still able to see both characters but the camera goes to its limit at some point and so both characters can’t go any further @glithctyrus
this is from my own experience playing these games

is this right @vgdc13 ?

I dont think @grazer has a block to do it so it might be impossible to replicate it (unless grazer adds it)



your welcome glad i can help

you can just give both of them camras and show there health as a lable.