does anyone have a youtube channel ?

id like to know if any of you flowlab veterans have any educational videos i can watch when im bored or just videos on game progress or anything flowlab related

I have one but have not posted yet when I do I will let u know

Same with @GrimProductionZ, I have one, but no vids.

Oh so your approaching me?

@glithctyrus i jus wanna watch some videos lmao

@GrimProductionZ whats keeping you back from posting

Lol because Im trying to find a good editor since IMovie takes forever to upload to YouTube any ideas?

I have a YT channel, but as of now I’m only doing Minecraft content. Planning on switching to Flowlab tutorials and general gaming vids as a whole, but that’s going to happen AFTER my next upload drops. (=
Name’s GThei

mines is the theglitch055 I only have one upload cant find a good editor

Lol same bro

My youtube account is called…

Maniac Pumpkin

With no space though right?

I just started a yt channel, and I’m going to do flowlab and Minecraft tutorials. So far though I’ve only done let’s plays

@meburningslime let @tertre join the education group he is very cool and stuff so let him join plz

Thats nice

I heard of the education group