Does anyone know how I can make a block bounce off?

So I have played different games, and even though it may be simple to some of you guys, I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! I need to make a block from which I will bounce of the top from, like a trampoline. PLZ HELP FAST!

I can help Add a collision to when you hit it then connect that to a number (higher then 10)
then finally connect the number to an impulse (put it in the “Y” place).

Oh and set the collision only on top.

You can also just go into the block’s physics and set bounce to 100

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Hey Bro, Thank you for your answer. You really knew this. I wonder how I didn’t figure it out.

No problem! Game creators got each others backs

Hey, bro, Can you help me? I will send you a message.

Yeah sure!
What do you need help with?