Does Anyone Know How to Code a Wall Jump?

Does anyone know how to code a wall jump?

I do plan to make an example like the “Double Jump Example” when I find the time.
But I can explain briefly what you need to do:

Use raycast to detect if the player is on the ground or not. Use raycasts to detect if the player is near a wall.
If the player is NOT on the ground and IS near a wall, it activates the Wall Jump switch.

If the player presses the Jump button/action button - start the wall jump action.

Wall Jump action: Flips the player, gives an impulse forward, and gives an impulse in Y.

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, what about sliding down? In many games with wall jump when you’re against the wall you start to slide down before you jump. Is there any way to implement this?

If the player collision shape is set to a capsule, the player will slide down normally.

But if you want to make it slower/faster you can add a motor that pushes the player up (really subtle, to make the player come down slower) or a motor that pushes the player down (to make it come down faster).

Wall side: If the player can wall jump (not on ground and near a wall) > Activate sliding mechanic.

Extra points if you add a sliding animation.

I am having trouble with the wall jump coding.I have never used a RayCast block before.And how do I connect the key board block with the ones before it since it is a trigger?

Hey @AlphaKnight357 and @SPruszynski !
I want to let you know that I just made a Wall jump & Wall slide example.
Forum link here: