Does anyone know how to make a crosshair?

I’m working on a game and i want to make the payer attack through a crosshair.

its a top down game if that helps sort things out.

please help if you know how to make a crosshair.

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Make an object that looks like the crosshair and do this:
Mousemove x and y → (x and y) Position

I’m looking for one that sticks to the side of the player and just points twards the mouse since its a top down game.

do you know how to do that?

and i need to make an attack from it too so it has to be able to use the emit feature unless you can figure somthing out.

Yes, it’s a bit more complex but you should be able to extract the position of the player and then send it through a message to the crosshair and make the crosshair point at the mouse using mousemove → pointat. If you want it to be in front of the player use an equation like A+32 as the position.

can you send a screenshot example?

mine isnt working can you send a screenshot of what your talking about?

Sorry about the wait I had to go do something, I’m slightly confused, do you want the crosshair to rotate around the player or for it to rotate in front?