Does anyone know how to save/load progress in "Land builder test"?

So I updated LBT a little, but now I’m stuck on save behavior.I’ve looked at various save examples, but none of them work for my game since I have to save the player’s position, all the building positions, the citizens positions, etc etc.
It’s kind of tiring to have to go through every single step to test again, or just to play.
Pls help

omg yes thats quite hard… i wish i could help

i think u have to use a loooooooooooooot of save behaviours to each thing(level,position, etc) (best option)

or u could make an HUGE code to use it when u login idk (but still would be horrible)

well If you do this
Ur game is going to be one of more complex of flowlab

i would like to help
u have to use extractors and emitors as well
and a black screen in the beginning when its all being build

It’s not simple but it might work,

For every possible position (hopefully your using the 32 bit grid)
Have a save, label it the position (good for organizing)

now give each possible buildable thing an ID.

So say, a tower has the ID “1” and is placed in the top left corner.

Then the save " 1,1" would save as “1” and load it, emitting a tower in that same position in the next session

I will make a similar game like this and make this logic for you

Ooh thanks
An example would be great

thats what was in my mind

ur english is so much better xD