Does anyone want to be on my team to create a game?

@“The Kodex” @meburningslime @seamothmaster45

Sure. But I am very busy but will still contribute loads!

k, i am also busy but I can help with coding.

I can also help but like everyone else who have commented I am very busy

Ok it’s called Traveling Adventures



@Polarbeer2019 The pixilart is great, but I feel like the bodies are WAY to small. Maybe have it like this:
And what is the floor and Backdrop meant to be? If you can explain maybe I can help improve the visuals of the level.

Well when I see that I see a ninja so maybe i’ll create a japan level

Can someone help me make it when the mouse hovers over a flag there’s a blue border.(I tried but it didn’t work)

Whooooooo best art i’ve ever done.