Does Coyote Time Exist In Flowlab?

I believe the physics in flowlab utilizes Coyote Time. If this true, are there settings to customize it? For those not familiar with Coyote Time, it is a short time period after a character falls off of something where they are still allowed to jump. It got its name from the Wile Coyote cartoons where gravity doesn’t exist until you look down.

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You could add your own code to make coyote time, my game has this.

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I had thought that coyote time was actually a part of the physics engine, as I have used it without coding it in in my platformer

Oh, coyote time has to be coded within the code used for the movement.


Did you code something to the players’ character so they can look down?

I think I have figured it out, the collision detector stays on for a tiny amount after falling off of a tile. This allows for the player to jump after they already fell off of a tile