Does location change priority? - Yes, different problem

I have 5 spawners in a level, They rapidly send their y axis to the main spawner.

Yet Every time this plays, only the bottom most spawner is detected. Like It’s being prioritized, because If I make that disable after it’s triggered then the second bottom most spawner is triggered.
Very obnoxious issue, would love any tips or help

Behaviors orders matter, I’m not sure if object position does matter. But it seems like it does and is acting in the same way behavior order would.
So I believe the answer is yes

Also, why are you using a timer?

The timer is set to repeat forever, there for it should randomize between an instant and 1/10th second, that’s my way of changing the active spawner, which has been working until recently where this issue began.

left and top things go first

on discord Sup3r reported timers outputting when the delay input is active

Wait, the timer sets off the random, meaning the first time the timer will be completely synced between all the objects @The_KWASM

Do you have any suggestions, because no matter how long the delay, it always gives the same value as the lower spawner

What exactly are you trying to do? If you added all the values to a list you would see every message is received, not just the lowest one.

It looks like you’re trying to spawn each item at a time but are using spawner locations.
The issue with this is that you need the spawn input to activate at the same time as the spawn locations are sent, or it’s just going to see the last spawner location.

A more advance method would be to have the items and spawn locations put into lists, and then you just spawn the level from the lists.

Could I get an example of how to use lists like this, they always confuse me. I know you’ve helped with them before.

Basically the enemies have a random chance at spawning on any of the spawn locations (The object that is randomizing.)
But some levels have varying spawn locations, which is why I can’t just make it a one in five. I also have a system that disables a spawner after a zombie spawns there, so that all the zombies don’t spawn in the same lane, and are forced to switch (Sometimes causing a back and forth spawn).

From this it seems like you only need to get the X and Y position once (from each object), then choose a random one of those x,y positions (and not repeating the same one twice), is that correct?

Well not twice in a row, but yeah exactly

Alright, I’ll make a screenshot for you

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This will store the X,Y position of all the objects together.

This will separate the values for you. This can give repeat values, but just testing through a filter can fix this
(Would have messaged sooner, but my brother called)

If you need any other help I’ll message back later, i gtg rn

I’m not really sure where any of this was meant to go, and at it’s current state, nothing changed
Well now they only spawn on the bottom lane, no change at all.
Also I never mentioned this, but the X axis never changes, they should always be parallel

I gotta go again, later tonight or tomorrow morning I can give a better explanation

Also, this code should be in the object that spawns the zombies
Also, also, the timer connected to the Text List is just there as an activation, it can be whatever you want.

It’s working for the most part, I’ll do some more testing and then get back to you

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