Does the sound lag for anyone else when playing A-Box?

Basically the title. I’m hoping it’s just my laptop and that it’s not effecting you guys’s playthroughs. So, any sound lag or issues? I want to see if I can address it if I can.

Tagging @grazer just in case:)

A-Box (2019)-

Sounds the same since I played last year, what specifically are you looking for and where at exactly in the game?

@“JR 01” it actually starts whenever in the main game level (I think I named it “An Adventure” or something like that). It’s mainly SFX with damage, alert pop up sounds, jumping sounds, basically all SFX that isn’t the music. It will play eventually, but only after about a moment… And all at the same time.

If you’re not having issues yourself, I’ll take assumption that it’s the laptop. If so, then I’m really worry free as that’s my main priority, which is your end.

I’m not getting any of that, but I do have a good gaming computer.

@“JR 01” yeah, I have an older laptop (I’m trying to get up to a good PC eventually). I know it’s going to be different for everyone, though I’m hoping that it’s not too heavy on frames and whatnot.

When I play it, it sometimes lags but very rarely

Thanks for the input @GrimProductionZ ! It doesn’t lag for me, just for the SFX for the most part. I’m seeing if there’s a way to optimize it better, thought that’ll take some time. Probably will be a certain proximity will allow the objects with animations to, well… Animate. I animated a lot of the stuff so it’d feel more alive and busy, but I’m sure that’s taking a toll for frames and maybe even sound.

But nice to know it’s just me so far haha it’s honestly more of a relief. Thank you!