Does this have a fix?

So when I put something into the collision, it just resets, and I can’t get it to work
Here’s my game-

It changes when I do it… do they revert back when you reload the game or leave the behavior screen?

They revert to to any object when I click off of it.

It seems to specifically happen with green slime 2

Do you mean Slime MAP?
I can still set the collision, maybe try deleting the behavior and adding a new collision.

I tried reloading, deleting, everything that’s easy, but it still resets the collision after every attempt.

Well @Lexmaier06,
There is a fix that I rarely suggest; but since I can change the collision type of Green Slime MAP,
Try adding me to a team. You can add me to a team by going to your profile and insert my username next to “create dev team” button. You can then add the team under settings > advance > Team editing in the game editor. I can leave the team after it has been fixed.

I’ve done this 2 other times where it seems the creator seems to be blocked by an invisible wall, and that only someone else can fix it.

It says no team access

Hey @Lexmaier06 - is this just happening for one Collision trigger, or all of them? If just one, which one?

Where is the trigger that’s causing the problem, and what Object type and name are causing the problem?

I really don;t understand the issue from the description. If you could post a video of the problem using something like that would probably go a long way towards helping me figure out what’s going wrong and getting it fixed for you.

@Lexmaier06, what do you want to change it to?

Oh, so you the bundle in the player.
It seems naming these object “B-1” or “B-2” specifically does this.

@Lexmaier06 , I’ve found 2 other objects on the MAP level with the same names.
The names are used to refer to a specific object, so you cant have 2 different objects with the same name.

There, if that helps clear things up

Thank you so much