(Dont click fixed now)

I dont know how to fix this but ^

@JR01 could you help please?

or @grazer can you see what’s wrong? I don’t know where it is and how to fix it.

Find the infinite loop in your game and break it. I recommend backtracking from what you worked on last. If it is a team project, then find recently added features and go from there.

how to spot an infinite loop:
You will know an infinite loop when you see one because its activation will cause another activation.
This is usually a group of two or three behaviors that act as a trigger for something.

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Okay, so when does the error appear? Does it appear when you begin the level?

It appears after 10 seconds of gameplay in the level Origin Infinite.

@DarkStar_Studios ^

Yeah I saw that. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m willing to bet that your problem is in the spawner itself.

The zombie spawner? if so i figured.

but ive removed alot of code in the zombie spawner and it still didnt work.

Try refreshing. It started working for me

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Hey, quick tip on the actual game. If you could make your allies non-solid, it would be a lot less crowded and they wouldn’t be able to push you around.

but they could just go out the map if they were non-solid.

Use raycasts directed at the walls to stop them from leaving.

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Its not working can someone help please?

@JR01 you cant fix it?

I won’t be available until after work

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Okay thanks.

@meburningslime would you know what to do?

I have been summoned