Doodle World: Stick's Adventure is in the makings!

My first full flowlab game is in the makings! The name of it is Doodle World: Stick’s Adventure, And you play as a stickman named Stick. It is a 2D platforming game, And if you collect 10 Power Pencil’s, You can turn into your super form! when your in super form, you will be indestructible for 1 minute, And anything you touch get’s damaged. you can also heli forever if your in super form. Controls: W: Heli - d: Tank - A: Rocket - Left and Right arrow keys: Move - Up arrow key: Jump. If you click on the 2 on the top of the screen, an 8-bit version of you can help you as the 2nd player! his controls are:Y: jump - G and J: Move - H: Tank. Anyway, i just wanted to say that you can play it so far and that its in the makings. ps: BTW you can click the play button on the bottom-right hand corner of the menu to go to my YT Channel.

Post a link to your game so we can find it easier.

What happened to your drawing game? You have competition now.
I found it

Hey, this is great, especially if it’s a first game. Keep up the good work, and tell us when it’s finished!
Right now, though, sometimes it’s not that clear what you have to do, and we end up getting lost (especially on that first mini boss part). Just a heads-up
@“Mhx Ar” it’s not really a competition from what I can tell, it’s different :slight_smile:

oh yeah sorry

Whoops i didn’t see that you already posted the link XD

Wow, 741249, it’s amazing to me that flowlab almost has 1,000,000 games now.

Sticks vs. Drawings.

Looks like I have competition indeed. Lol
Im liking it so far, keep it up!

[spoiler] honestly, I had lost inspiration. Usually, the idea of a concept usually drives me to make a game, but usually I hit the wall for developing
(The point where a marathon runner feels emotionally defeated) and I quit, and forget. Starblast 1, 2, and 3 have been such an exception because I already have everything at my disposal for making it. I recycle sprites, and all thats missing is the theme and atmosphere, which is really easy to pull off, with minimum time taken. Seeing this guys game- and hes new, mind you, its incredible. Now I want to continue it again, I no longer feel obligated to try it out and see if I like it. This is something that will be completed even though it is time consuming. [/spoiler]

There’s a lot of friction which makes moving sticky and difficult.
I also would increase the lives to 5 because that yellow block maze kills you sooo easily lol
I managed to get through it, and the game is pretty good
If you’re new, you’re doing a great job by yourself. Usually people need help as soon as they join.

Welcome to flowlab btw, if you stick around long enough, you’ll learn a lot and be making cool new things that you’d never even think of now. I’ve been here for 4 years and my games are waaayyyy better than when I first joined. One thing you’ll learn right away, you’ll want to keep your wires organized. These are some of the wires of my first game. I forget what they do, and it’s such a mess that I can’t find anything. I also somehow deleted my menu screen, so now the game starts with the loading screen. Since my wires are so bad, I accidentally cut a random wire that broke my energy bar, and I was never able to find that wire to fix it. Trust me, you don’t want messy wires.


For a moment there I thought that was mine. Lol

@“Mhx Ar” LOTS of games are deleted so it’s not really 1,000,000 games :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW i won’t be in the forums much because on this website i mostly just work on doodle world. I’ll add a 5 health if u want (:

i added 5 health :bleep_bloop: