Downloading sprites

HOW can i download sprites??? I really need to so i can share i with my friends! I do what you say ‘build for desktop then install’ But when i click ‘install now’ in the black box thingy it just does nothing for a minute then it pops up ANOTHER install now box! Why can’t you add a DOWNLOAD button to download sprites as JPGS or PNGS?

I Dont Know Why But People Are Having Problems With This IT WORKS FINE FOR ME :confused:

Super creator - what game are you you having trouble with? I’ll take a look.

All my games, it says ‘please set flow lab to un safe mode in a abode flash player thingy’ when i do it nothing happens! Why can’t you just make a DOWNLOAD to make it fast and easy?

Where do you see that message? Is that when you are installing?