@DraftyScienceCoat75 dungeon ai

OK so @DraftyScienceCoat75 your making an rpg game called dungeon or what not and this is kinda asking for help but i made a slime enemy which is funny because you have a slime player but here is the animation i made if you wondering.
EDIT: this is the original animation that someone else made i changed it a little tho
but not the point i was wondering how you got your enemies ai so good like

  1. how do they follow your character?
  2. how do they stay in their area until your close enough to be noticed?
  3. how did you make the map and is the destination on the map of where they are just estimated?

which enemy? They all have a little different AI

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idk um just give me the ones on the bottom right of your map im sorry but i forget what they are called

It gets the angle and distance to the player, then the enemy starts moving in the players direction if the distance is short enough
You can also go in the game editor of my game to see how it works.

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ok thanks the only reason i wasnt gonna do that is because there will probabaly be a bunch of stuff i dont need like animations etc.