Dragon Seal Devlog Page (I have return)

I will take this skills, thank you.

I though food gives you more energy and makes you stronger. It also depends on what you eat. So this will not be in the skill tree. @Hong_Jooni_Pooni But your soul beam sounds cool.

But I will take this.

Welcome back! FYI, now that you’re back, you could revive the original topic to keep all the updates on the same page but that’s up to you.

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Thank you for the imformation.

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You’re welcome!

Here is a drawing that @RunningInThe90s
Since he lives close to me he drew me a concept art of the character that I described to him.

(Forgive me for the horrible imagery)


Constantly drains your health but you regain health by hitting enemies


So wait you drain their health, then you lose health and get some back what?

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no, I think it means that your health meter constantly goes down a little at a time so you have to kill enemies to survive, or hit, hit enemies


yea, so basically you have to play really aggressive to survive but if you do survive than you can essentially become immortal if you find a big group of enemies or an enemy with a lot of health


The New Story
A long time ago, one human gained super natural powers and fought the evil that surrounded the Earth. This human had a son and soon died in the act of duty. The son gained these un-natural powers, but only used them for pure greed and hatred. He became the biggest drug and war overlord in the whole world. Until he had a son too… he didn’t want his son to overthrow him, so he tried to kill him. But the Son’s mother took him to a mountain called the Dragon seal, and sealed him with the dragons. Now this future hero laid asleep for many years…until…danger arose. -Dragon Seal- Contiuning The Legacy


I fixed some grammar stuff and made it clear because I have no life



This could be bad, because the hero is, well, a hero and so being bloodthirsty isn’t normally what you want, but - Activate When a monster is killed, gain a buff that can stack up to 10 OR Passive -when in proximity of a monster have the screen zoom in so you don’t have as much vision but have greater strength and speed

Weakening Toxin
-Activate Every attack for X amount of time gives enemies a 30% slash to damage and speed, this could also be made into a passive, but with weaker effects

-Passive A mixture of both how many enemies you kill (x)and how low you are on health (y=how much health you have lost)affect your damage and speed, maybe a equation like (x+y/10)

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At this time I was very tired, and didn’t want to check my grammar at this time.
But thank you for doing so.

Dragons Roar
-Activate Knocks back or stuns enemies in the direction you are facing based on the enemies strength in a large area
Third eye
Passive- Allows you to have a greater field of vision(you can see further), this could break the game, so better not add it (:

Dragons Speed
-Activate Slows down everything except you

Abilty ideas:

-Activate Summons holy beams of lightning around you to strike down your enemies, it deals massive damage but you are vulnerable and cannot move for 5 seconds, it also drains a quarter of your health

Lullaby of a Sinner
-Passive gives a large health and attack boost and when hitting an enemy there is a high chance they will become temporarily incorporeal, becoming completely frozen in time and thus not being able to damage you, this allows you to damage them and dodge their attacks BUT if you are damaged by an enemy that just became corporeal again you will be instantly killed, spawning a fragment of your soul and after respawning you will gain a huge debuff to all your stats until you get the soul fragment back

-Activate Makes you breathe fire out of your mouth for a short time

Prayer of Blood
-Activate Makes you and all enemies be at 1 health

Ok calm down on the abilites. There are no much.

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these are just ideas i had, i think you shouldn’t include all the abilities we suggest into the game

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