Drawing and flipping sprite hitboxes

I think it would be really useful to have the Polygon hitbox flip when the flip behavior is used.

It would also be pretty cool to be able to draw hitboxes. (That also flip.)

I know this is doable with another base object under the sprite display, but that seems like a waste of objects.

Would this feature be useful?
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Please consider,

Polygon hitboxes don’t flip, are you sure?


I thought they did too


The player character uses the Flip behavior to turn, but when I set the hitbox to polygon, it doesn’t flip with the player.


They don’t, it happened in my enemy characters in my old game birds with bombs, and was very frustrating.

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I’m making a game with a very detailed character. Right now, I have to use capsule, but that messes up the jumping and dashing, since the player is 2x2. I was going to use polygon, but that won’t flip.

Generally anyway for games you want the hitbox to be slightly smaller than the character, it feels much better. That’s why capsule is normally better. Even if the character is leaning forward a little, you it feels better to player with an “incorrect” hotbox.
Being accurate is rarely ever better when it comes to games. Have bullets enlarged so it’s easy to see, let players jump in mid-air, etc.



Yeah that’s the type of sprite you’d want to not be polygon. It would likely feel better (personal opinion ofc) without a hitbox on the tail and head/partial arm. But still, if Polygon isn’t flipping, that’s a bug.

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I know, but then I’d have to use another object, and I can’t afford to use another lol.

Really? Does it work for you? Kasamir said it didn’t flip for him as-well.

It’s a bug because it should flip. If everyone is unable to flip a polygon sprite, that doesn’t make it intentional, though it could be if grazer has some reason about rendering it being annoying

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Just a note on this (maybe grazer can correct this if I’m remembering wrong):
Hitboxes don’t flip at all when the Flip behavior is used—they turn upside down (i.e. rotate 180 degrees).
In this case, it looks like JustPlainOP has used the “only affect sprite” checkbox, so the hitbox won’t turn at all when the object flips, but in all other cases using the Flip behavior, the hitbox will turn 180 degrees (not flip).


In that case, flip just rotates the Forward Direction.
But it does makes sense, you normally dont want a moving object to change hitboxes or it will clip around its environment.

Oh. How come I knew that, and I still made this topic? I’m so stupid.

I didn’t check it, if that’s what you meant.

How so?