Drawing Icons for Bundles?

It’s kind of hard to tell the difference between my bundles in my bundles list so I always make abnormally long names so I can find them easier. But what if we were able to click on the bundle and have the option to draw an icon for it using the flow-sprite editor? And then once we submit the icon, any user could see it and if a user copy and pasted a bundle, the icon would still be there! This would be pretty awesome ngl.


I was thinking of this yesterday! It would be nice for sure!

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Yeah, or like assign it an emoji. I have to make weird names so I can distinguish them too.

I just name it accordingly to what the bundle does.

I do a small acronym or thing for the game I use it for, then I do what it does, then I do any variations that are in it.

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Or you can use notes. Those are really helpful too.
(But I agree, being able to draw a icon would be way better. Especially for example/tool bundles.)

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