DRIVE is on Google Play!

Good news,
the game can be found at the top when searching “drive noir” OR “flowlab” in the Google Play store.

More updates coming soon.

Nice! how many downloads do you have? @“JR 01”

about 30 so far

Nice! 30 is a lot of people if you think about it. @“JR 01”


  • Timers are changed to an always --> filter for spawn rate and speed.
  • “Drive Noir” is being changed to “Drive Nore”
  • Use non re spawn poles
  • Added a Pause system
  • Update log in the game description


  • Changed ALL timers for spawn rate and speed to framrate and filters
  • Changed “Drive Nore” is being changed to “Drive Nero”
  • The Game is now on NewGrounds

Made a NEW trailer for Dive Nero for the Google Play store, check it out!

nice! cool trailer!

Well after 2 years, I just updated Drive Nero in the app store. This should make it playable on all Android devices. I’m gonna try to put it on IOS later, but I’ll maybe look into making more mobile friendly games.


Nice! This is neat addition to a fun game. Keep it up!