DRIVE Update log 5/2

Changes as of 5/2/19:

  • Music has been added/replaced default music
  • Adjusted Credits
  • Adjusted shop
  • (actually) Disabled the alert for unlocking the Flowlab section
  • Fixed the animation bug for the muscle car
  • Auto select vehicles after purchase
  • Updated animations
  • Minor changes/Fixes
  • Most tracks including the store and credits has been replaced with
    music from by @Eric_Matyas.
  • Updated the the broke alerts in credits with explanations.
    Alerts in this level remain broken, but descriptions in the alerts were updated for better use to the player.
  • Updated behaviors in the shop.
  • I actually fix this now:
    [Found a mistake gives the alert for to unlock the Flowlab characters.
    The “Flowlab” version will have all characters available and visible in the shop.
    The “Mobile” version will have the flowlab characters locked and all purchases are hidden.]
  • Muscle Car animation was off and had to develop a new method to solve it.
  • Most testers expected to play a character after purchasing without realizing to select it afterwards, so vehicles will be auto selected after purchase.
  • Shop animation was updated on the Home screen.

@grazer if you get the chance to look at it, I would like your feedback!
This is a complete free version of the game. I plan to make future changes on an Indie account
and to make a copy to show what was made on the free account.

Let me know of what you think or If you have any ideas for what you like to see in the game,
please leave a comment. All feedback is appreciated!
Also don’t forget to leave a like!