DRIVE Update log ~ Thanks to Everyone

DRIVE just passed 1000 play! Thanks to everyone’s support, the game is just about ready for the mobile market. I’ve taken many suggestions and changes from everyone and the game has become better than I would ever hope for. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment. This Update log will probably be the last update discussion with Flowlab Free Edition account. I plan to change a few features with the Indie edition but are only adjustments, expect DRIVE to be in the google store soon. If you haven’t got the chance to play DRIVE, there is a link at the bottom of this post.

Changes as of 5/15/19:

  • Intro now says made in Flowlab free edition
  • Added ADmod ID to the AD behaviors
  • A separate account is made for the app-store, YouTube channel, and ADs
  • Indie development/adjustments will start soon on DRIVE
  • Minor changes/Fixes
  • Because after I get access to Indie edition, the start up won’t say “may with Flowlab Free Edition.” I added the words below the logo animation for everyone to know. This was something I was wanting to keep with the game, but I need to let it go if I want to continue development for the game.
  • I now have another google account that will be used to upload the game to the app store with and also that the ADmod was created with. The account will also be for making an official studio and YouTube with.
  • One adjustment I would like to make is to make another level for the Intro, so the intro plays every time you leave the game. The other thing I would like to do is to make other modes for the game. All the game is now is an endless runner just like the offline T-rex on google.

If you get the chance to look at it @grazer, I would like your feedback!
This is the complete version of the game and I would like to make this game public to the app-store.
There are a few changes I would like to do, but this is a version of the game that I would like to keep on Flowlab.

Let me know of what you think or If you have any ideas for what you like to see in the game,
please leave a comment. All feedback is appreciated!

One of FlowLab’s best @“JR 01” . It is a wonder why @grazer hasn’t put it on the front page yet.

Thanks @rcreger, it would be cool but I would just like grazers feedback on DRIVE.
I want to add this game to the app store and to make sure that it actually is ready for the app store.

Who says you can’t have both :lol: But seriously, awesome game.

Thanks @rcreger,
I’m going to call this game the “Flowlab” version
because it’ll be easier to play and have fun for majority of the users.
And also there is no hidden unlock system.

Me being part of the majority. I actually play DRIVE when I’m bored and I don’t feel like working on A-Box for a bit :lol:

That actually makes me feel better about the game @rcreger, glad to hear that.