DRIVE Update log

Changes made as of 1/26/19:

  • Fixed the Save’s
  • Less unused objects/behaviors
  • Home/Credit flare
  • ? animation fixed
  • Slighty changed the JR 01 sprite
  • Tweaked the store

*All saves should work now work for all users new and old. A new players save would be set to 0,
so now the saves are assigned a number if it is 0.
*Test objects are deleted for more room, behaviors added early on for unused mechanics are deleted.
Some out of bounds objects were deleted for easier use and a cleaner touch.
*The store now has 4 unused slots so I can add a charater I would like in. These slots aren’t selectable. Flowlab characters are at the end.
*I added the lightpoles on the home and credit screen for more flare, let me know what you think!
*? click animation is looped…

  • JR 01 sprite click sprite in the credits was slighty changed.

I’ve been meaning to get these update log up since last weekend. I should be back on here later in the week to add more to the game.
The game is nearly complete, so try the game and let me know what you think!