DRIVE Updatelog ~ A Shop is now available!

Changes as of: 1/15/19

  • Shop added to the game!
  • Changes in speed and difficulty (easier)
  • Added a ‘Home’ icon
  • Added the ‘Garage’ icon
  • Title screen is now the Home screen

Speed is overall slower but will quickly go up in difficulty by score. slowly gain speed up to 500. The harder spawn combination will start after 500. Easier for beginners to get use to!
Home button is now available to get back to the title screen. The title screen is where you can start your game or access the Shop High Score is now on the title screen Title screen will now be called the Home screen
A Shop has been added to the game! Click on the 'Garage' icon on the top left of the home screen. Points for the Shop are earned by avoiding enemies. Skins are still being created, so 2 are only available right now. If you want to create a skin to be added to the game, I'm looking for all types of vehicles and bikes. Comment your design and it could be added to the game! All designs will be credited in game.

Requirement to create a skin must be:

  • no bigger than 64 x 32 pixel (2 x 1 blocks)
  • 2 tone color (to transfer to Black & White)
  • well designed (basicly if it looks like a vehicle or OC)

Try the game and let me know what you think or what could be added/fixed.
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