DRIVE Updatelog (Need Testers)

Changes on 1/2/19:

  • change the difficulty to be harder
  • added a “Faster!” Label

I have increased the difficulty to feel faster and be harder as you play.
Its starting to feel slow and the added dificulty feels more fun (my opinion anyway) but now I dont know if its starting off (or later) too difficult or too fast.
The speed change is now noticable, so I added a faster label for when it does get faster.
I also have a spawn change to how freaqent the objects spawn, but isn’t a big change.
I may add some more difficulty levels to more slowly gain difficulty.

  • Speed changes is at 1500 and 2500
  • Spawn changes is at 1000 and 2000

Please test the game if its too hard or too fast when starting or at a certain score.
Also if you spot a bug or have any ideas, let me know!

This is a “sidescrolling” game, similar to T-rex Chrome.
Game url: ~



Great game so far @“JR 01” - it’s starting to look and feel pretty polished.

Because you asked for feedback: For me personally, I think the speed starts out a tiny bit too fast. I’ve played it lots of times, but I think for someone just seeing it for the first time they should get a few seconds of a pretty slow speed in the beginning to get used to the feel of the jumping, and to get an idea of which objects are to be avoided, Maybe it could start out pretty slow and just gradually increase speed every couple of seconds until it gets to the “Faster!” section?

Thanks @grazer !
I adjusted the speed at the beginning and added little gain in speed at 250 and 500.
Let me know if you think there is anything I could do to help all players get use to the game.

Idk if the “Faster!” is too abruptly in change of speed or if I should add a small pause for spawns while the speed changes. I could continue the gain or create a gain system to replace the “Faster!” I could also could replace the score system to a time system so it would be every few seconds to gain speed if it would help.