Droppy Block


I made this mostly while I was waiting for @“Mhx Ar” to look at another game that I was having problems with. Please give it a play and tell me what you think!

I still need to implement a high score system so that will be in there today hopefully.

Also, I’m hoping to publish this game on the android play store but I notice there is already a game named “Droppy Blocks”, does that mean I need to change my name or would I be ok? I don’t want to publish something then get in trouble for it or anything.

Youd have to change it, but theres probably something close- like droppy blox

Thanks, I’ve changed the name now, plus I got a high score working. Last step is to add in sound and I think that’s it.

Hello person nugget

I’ve fixed a few bugs and tweaked things to run a little more smoothly. I think I had too many things emitted and that caused issues.

Any feedback from you guys would be great!

It’s working better, and I like the concept you came up with.

Thanks, I need to add in a couple more things and I think it’s complete. I’m hoping to put it on the android store soon. I just need to come up with some sort of background for the screens and then figure out why the sound isn’t working on my phone. It will play fine on the pc but after exporting it and side-loading I can’t hear anything.

That’s odd, the sounds should play on Android if they work in the browser. Are they external links or built-in sounds? I’ll check it out.

I haven’t used the app builder since like 2014, and I heard it was changed a lot. Do you still need to play while connected to the internet for URL sounds, or are they imported locally by the package?

Yeah, the exporter is totally different now. Everything is bundled in, so no internet connection is required for mobile (or desktop) games.

I re-exported the game and I still get no sound. I’m using the built in sounds and they work fine when I play them in browser.

Sorry, I’m away from my office this weekend, so it will be the middle of next week before I can access an android device and figure this one out.

I’d suggest bluestacks for android emulation, but I can’t promise it runs all 3rd party apk apps not on Google play

ARC welder works too. Its a chrome extension

I tried it on bluestacks and it also didn’t play any sound. But for some reason it doesn’t want to export a new build. When I try to export it my dashboard never shows the game as building and when I try download it it only ever gives me an old version. Maybe I just have an old version without the sound…

And of course, right after I type the last comment, I check my dashboard again and it now shows that it’s being compiled, I’ll see if the sound works on this version.

I re-installed the new app and I’m still not getting sound. I’ll try it in bluestacks tonight to see if that works. Not sure if something special needs to be done to get sound to work on phones or not, I looked around but I don’t remember seeing anything…

Hey @zgaulke - I fixed up that Android sound issue and kicked off a rebuild of your app. The newest build appears to have working sound now.

@grazer it works for me now, thanks!