Ducky bug reports

Report bugs that you find for ducky here.


NGL, you kinda copied my idea, but my game is kind of a copy of your game so,
I quess its fair

What idea? Quite literally don’t know what you’re talking about…

the idea of having bug reports on flowlab?
or the idea of a metroidvainia on flowlab
with simalar art styles?

When did you make a bug report page? I made one because Ducky is becoming bigger and usually when a game becomes bigger in size the more bugs there are. And when did I ever claim the metoirdvania genre and simplistic art style?

not that long ago, it was called “beta bug finders!”

oh, i saw that you made a metroidvania
so i was like: “Hmm i can do that to!”
and so my game was born

That’s not copying I saw a YouTuber do it and I thought the same thing. :grin:

oh, guess im good then!

You’re good this is the game that inspired me(other than hollow knight :grin:)
headerDewdrop Dynasty on Steam

I made a metroidvania way before ducky existed, yet that doesn’t make ducky a clone of my game