Dunebound Devlog (Godot)

I have been working a lot on the attacking system, it is nearly complete.

Here’s how the attacking looks right now…

I decided against adding up/down attacks because it would probably be more janky and I don’t want to make the animations. Instead I added a feature where you can hold spacebar (the attack button) to charge the attack, and make the attack more powerful.

I’ve been working on this a lot.

I made the green flash effect thingy quickly, I’m not sure if it looks good. Kinda weird. I based it off of @sup3r87’s Parse-O-Rhythm lol

And just like in Flowlab, (even after researching it a lot) there is no way to make the opacity not overlap

I’ve also been finishing all the animations, many of them the cape weren’t added yet or the design on the arms weren’t there.

Xavier has been working on the saving/loading stuff, it’s nearly done. We are using a dictionary (a datatype) to store keys and values with them, that are easy to read from a file. Godot has something built in for storing this that we are trying to use. I wonder if we will be able to embed the game into a website or something, if we can, then we will probably have to switch to our own saving system to be able to save to the cache or something, unless Godot already has something for that.

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This is extremely cool, just found out about it today! For you questions, I would say keep the health the same size because that’ll be looked at a lot, then for hunger and thirst add like a little drumstick(kinda like Minecraft) or something, and have it slowly shrink, same with thirst, and the temperature can be a ball with a thermometer, and the color of the ball changes. To cope with temperature you could either drink water/make fire, and then I also know in Arabia they fully cover themselves because it traps the coolness in. Another option is somehow add a machine(ac kinda).


Thank you!
Yes, I was thinking about building fires or stuff, but I was wondering how that would actually work. How do I make building? I think maybe after my teammate is done adding the inventory, you could be able to pick up wood/put it down, in order to start a fire.

Or, taking @Kasamir’s idea, I could make cooling down by spending water, or not moving/only sliding. For warming up, you could spend some spicy, warm food or something, or you have to keep moving always.


Also, our team has decided to change the goal of the game to finding pieces of your ship, in order to repair it. One will be to the left, one will be to the right, and one will be upward/downward. It is kind of an overused concept, but we need don’t have time to complete our previous idea.


Here’s a list I made of the things we still need to do before the deadline (in around 1.5 months).
I don’t think we are going to get it all done :cry:

This list will probably be cut/changed a lot over these months

List of things to do:


  • water bar
  • hunger bar
  • inventory stuff
  • temperature gauge
  • saving ui
  • pause screen
  • saving system

Player Stuff:

  • player death animation
  • player eat animation
  • finish attacking mechanic
  • water!
  • food!
  • temperature management techniques for player to use!

World Stuff:

  • more terrain blocks
  • underground / high elevation blocks
  • water sources
  • plants to harvest/eat
  • breakable blocks
  • world decorations
  • backgrounds

Logistics Stuff:

  • area names apearing
  • camera dynamic zooming
  • screen fade in/out


  • 1 or 2 more new, hard, enemies
  • 1 boss
  • Enemy damaging system
  • Disable enemies when out of screen/inactive


  • affects player
  • cutscene
  • if resources not enough, die

End Goal:

  • 3 sprites of machine parts
  • cutscene of win

Little idea I randomly had, what if one of the machine parts had some sort of heater to it, this does two things actually. It makes the player want to take the part only during night, so if you add sleeping they would need to actually stay up, it would make the area around it boiling hot, but at night, it would keep you warm. Plus you could make a monster that likes the warmth and guards it. Though I don’t know if you’d have enough time, good luck on the competition!

The attacking system is all done (pretty much, though it could always be better). Any changes to it would just include a new weapon, or tweaking of the values.

I also made two small additions, including area names that appear (haven’t chosen the names yet, just testing a filler name), and dynamic camera zooming (I can make areas that ease you to a certain zoom).

Sooo cinematic lol

I also drew some trees/cacti

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Fire + water prototypes are being built.

We thought through the temperature mechanic, and here’s our idea:
During the day, you will need to find water / stay in the shade to reset temperature.
During the night, you will need to find fire / eat spicy food to reset temperature.
You will be able to store some water and some food in your inventory (not much).

I’ve also been working on a background for the game.
Some clouds:

Background dunes:

I made something that shows how much damage you / an enemy took. It took SO LONG and I had to some up with a work around to get my font working with the object creating.
Me testing the system:

Xavier has fixed up the saving system, so now you can read/write any variable you want. And it won’t break if there is nothing saved.

Sequoia has been quietly working on inventory and food spawning, it’s been taking a while, but that’s expected since inventory takes a lot of work.

Oscar has been in Mexico… He’s only made a couple plant textures for the game.

That’s all for this week.

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Background completely finished:

The sun now rises + sets with the day/night effects. It looks pretty darn cool.

Also tilemap update, since it did look pretty ugly, and a person from another team pointed that out to me. This should be a bit better:

I accidentally made the tiles 16x16 in Godot… :(((( But it’s okay.

I also cleaned up the scene tree a bit… Now you don’t have to look at all that messy stuff, and just drag NecessaryStuff and the player into the scene when you want to make a new level. Everything breaks when you have the player alone, because it needs refrences to other nodes in order to run (could have probably fixed that while coding it!)

Title screen is pretty much done:

I (borrowed) some cool wind effects I found on the internet.

Here’s a quick scrolling credits I threw together:

I’ve added a bit of sound to the game, nothing much… Just downloading things off pixabay and putting them into the game. It’s quite tedius, but some nice background music and a few effects does help a lot.

Our team’s tryna scrap everything together, there is only one month left.
Here’s our main to-do:

  • Make fire/water better
  • Build world
  • Make winning code and win cutscene maybe
  • Tutorial level
  • More sounds
  • Food / Inventory
  • Boss fight
  • World decorations
  • Enemy sprites

Dunebound is going to be exported to itch.io soon! We have already successfully imported, except keyboard inputs aren’t working yet. As soon as we can debug this, all of you can playtest!

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Playing this will be fun. This games honestly looking very good so far, good luck on the rest!



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Awesome! I can’t wait!

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I am in Houston this week, and have no time to work on this. There will probably be no report this week, sorry

I hope my team is still getting stuff done though! Also debugging the export problem seems to be harder than we expected. Will work on it when I get home.