Dunebound Devlog (Godot)

btw, it is very short, only a couple minutes

I have had a busy day but am free now, It’s nice, but my main problems are with the clouds. The clouds feed to dark, maybe decrease the alpha and move them up, they feel odd so down. The shifting also need some simple bug-fixing as it goes through the wall. But I love the menu and slashing, good work.


ok, thank you so much!
I’ll see what I can do about the clouds.
Can you show me where you slide through walls? I can’t find it. It seems to work for me.

Only 3 more weeks until the deadline.

That’s pretty much all for this week. I’m having trouble continuing though, some of the saving/level loading is dependent on other people and it’s a pain to work on. I’m losing motivation.

The saving and food need to be finished for some of the things I want to do, and they aren’t.

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We are cutting a lot, as time is closing in. I’m deciding that the player will only take damage from heat. Shelters (which in the beginning were for protections from sandstorms) are being removed, I think we will just replace shelters as water pools too. (although it’s not acurate to real life).

After this thursday, the boss and the food will stopped being worked on, and we will put all effort onto making all the world. If they aren’t finished, we won’t include them. We also still have to do documentation and preparation for the competition, so I want to leave at least a couple days for that.


2 more weeks until deadline.


You guys should definitely take a look at out TMS page. I’ll also probably make a tri-fold thingy or a packet of the devlog/info about our team before the competition.

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1 week until deadline.


  • The end of game stuff is pretty much complete. I added the site of the rocket crash, and it goes through the frames of the rocket being build animation as you return machine parts to it. Here’s the spritesheet:

If all the machine parts have been returned, the player fades in, and the rocket takes off, and the screen fades.

It looks very goofy.

  • I added a healer cactus

  • There’s been lots of progress for worldbuilding, the world is pretty much done. Maybe just a bit more.

  • Saving progress, saving is pretty much the last thing that we need for the game to be done. We’ve gotten a system down for saving destroyed objects, like collected machine parts. We made your position saved, and checkpoints (where you spawn when you die) saved too. We still need to add saving to many things, like time.

The saving is pretty complicated, and I’m not sure if it will work on itch, but it’s going along. I haven’t updated our itch page yet, I’ll do it after we get saving done.

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Sorry for the late reply, can you please send me the link to dunebound?



Just test the tutorial please, although the main world does work, it is unfinished, and most of the saving is not complete.


Wondering if you got it to run… A couple of my friends have tried the web version on their computer, and it works, but for some reason on a mac that’s not mine, running it has crashed tabs. We found a workaround, but it means it can’t be played by just anyone from a mac (afaik)

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ok bad joke mb

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By: Flying Fajita

Tutorial playtest review:

First things first, this menu is AMAZING. The wind was done incredibly well. Only one suggestion: Maybe remove the outline around the character in the background:
It looks slightly out of place with the rest of the art.
Oh my gosh, I could stare at that wind forever.
The font is really cool, and yet easy to read. It fits with the resolution of the game well.

Oh, wait. I can’t play the tutorial again? Darn, this’ll be from memory.
The dashing is very smooth, and so are the rest of the animations. The player is well-drawn and all of his animations work together well. Nice job on the art!
The player could use a jump attack animation.
It would be nice to have a jump boost right after dashing, like in Halo. It’s what I’m used to, at least.
Jumping is a bit awkward, since the player is very… stout. Maybe add some physics to the jump and the landing (fx particles would work.)
Overall, I think this game will go far. The scenery is a bit scarce though. Maybe add a bit more plant life (grass, cactuses, ect.).
Other than that, I like it already. Really nice graphics, relatively consistent art style, smooth animations, and nice attacks.

Hopefully this feedback helps in the last few days of the development of Dumebound.


I won’t try the game itself before it’s released.


I’ll take into account what you said. Here’s the things I’m going to change:

  • Fix the title screen pixel art, (Yeah, I agree.)
  • LOL the saving and stuff ruins the tutorial level, I’ll definitely need to fix that. You should be able to play the tutorial as much as you want.
  • I will add a tiny jump boost after sliding
  • Some particles after landing

More decorations and scenery will have to wait until after the competition, there isn’t enough time to do that.


Wow, you’re quick!



Well, the event happened today!
It was very fun. There were 60+ teams each with a desk in the Portland University, and I got to see a bunch of cool projects.

For our desk, we had a poster I made, a monitor, and a bunch of computers for people who wanted to try. On the monitor we had Gource running, which is a repository visualizer that shows the changes over time. You can see what Gource looks like here: https://gource.io/
It was a great attention getter.

Groups of judges came to desks at assigned times, and asked questions on the projects. Our judging went pretty smoothly.

As for the awards, they did the high schoolers and the middle schoolers in different brackets. Our team is a middle school team.
We did very well. We got the Programming Award and the People’s Choice Award. The people’s choice is what all the participants thought was the best game. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

I’ll send pictures if you guys want to see how the event looked.

I branched the repository and locked what we had during the competition.

What do you guys think I should do now?

  • Keep working on it
  • Work on a new idea
  • Take a break, work on it after a while
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The game is playable, sound is bad and the boss isn’t done yet, but it’s a good start.

Tell me what you think of it!

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That’s amazing Fajita!

Good job to you and the rest of the team!


I think you should take a short break and do other stuff. That way, when you get back on it, you will be fresh and have new ideas on how to improve the game.