Dungeon Duel

I’ve been working on a two player game recently, I really like how it’s coming together, and I would enjoy any kind of feedback about it, especially new characters to choose from

I think you should add

  • More levels / places to fight
  • Set a reload time for the Ranger
  • Maybe a new character like a werewolf
  • add special attacks that you can only activate a certain amount of times each game

@Obiw1 The ranger doesn’t have a reload time because he does incredibly low damage.

Thank you for noticing

yeah, good point. While i was looking at it again I had selected the red and blue ranger, and the red ranger wasn’t taking any damage from the blue rangers projectiles

Nice game. Can imagine it getting pretty competitive.

How about a Cyborg character?

That’d be pretty cool

@MrH Cyborg was added

I am impressed. Are you a 1 man team? Do you have a day job? Because that is some quick turnaround time.

Yes, and no, thank you